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The Longchamp crystal is elegant while inexpensive. Many accessory pieces are displayed that one seldom finds in department stores. Check out the figurines and musical instrument pieces, too. Click on any of the following pictures (or the name) to go to the page where there is a full description of the item as well as the price and shipping information.  

Longchamps Candlesticks 

Longchamp Sherry 

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Longchamp Highball or Beverage  


Longchamp 5¾ Oz. Wine

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Longchamp Cordial

Longchamp 10½ Oz. Rocks

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An elephant in the wild can eat anywhere from 100 - 1000 pounds of vegetation in a 16 hour period.

Longchamps Liquor - 1½ Oz.


Longchamps Flute

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The letters VVSOP on a cognac bottle stand for - Very Very Superior Old Pale.

Longchamps Footed Platter

Longchamp Footed Bowl

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For the first time, the number of pet cats in the US now outnumbers the number of dogs, 60 million vs. 50 million.

Longchamp Platter

Longshamp Sm Footed Bowl

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Longshamps Relish Plate

Longchamps Footed Vase

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According to Hershey's Chocolate Company, Valentine's Day ranks fourth in candy sales, behind Halloween, Christmas and Easter.


Crystal Dolphin (Clear)

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Giraffes have the same number of neck bones (vertebra) as humans: seven. 

Crystal Squirrel

Crystal Swan Bowl (Lg.)

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There are approximately 75,000,000 horses in the world.

Crystal Swan Bowl (Sm.)

Crystal Peacock (Clear)

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It is estimated that millions of trees in the world are accidentally planted by squirrels who bury nuts and then forget where they hid them.